Northwest Terascale Research Projects

Natural Supersymmetry

University of Oregon

10 - 12 March 2014

The Northwest Terascale projects is a series of small informal workshops funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and hosted by the particle theory and experimental groups at the Universities of Washington and Oregon. These are intended to be working meetings for interested experts, with a minimal number of formal talks, and most of the time spent on discussion and collaborative work towards improving the prospects for physics discoveries at the LHC.

This workshop will take place at the University of Oregon in Eugene over the three full days Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, 10 - 12 March, with Sunday and Thursday as travel days. Participants are invited to also spend Thursday and Friday with us for informal discussions and collaboration.

The workshop will begin on Monday 10 March at 9:00 am. Please come to the Institute of Theoretical Science on the fourth floor of Willamette Hall. See Practical information below.

This meeting is being organized by Spencer Chang, Graham Kribs, Stephanie Majewski, and Dave Soper.

Other workshops in this series include

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Davison E. Soper
Institute of Theoretical Science
University of Oregon
Eugene OR 97403 USA